5 Highlights From the Week 

This past week has been a bit of a tough one with some sad news so it’s been kinda hard to pick out the highlights but here’s just a few things that have perked me up over the past few days.


Morning coffee’s in my cute flask

I love this little patterned flask I found in Primark and it’s proved super handy for transporting my morning coffee to work so I can enjoy sipping it at my desk.


Joining the gym

Last week I joined the gym (again), I’ve tried out several gyms in the past and found that it’s just never stuck with me. I see it as a chore to head there after work and it isn’t something I’ve enjoyed in the past. This time I decided to join Virgin Active and it’s definitely the nicest gym I’ve ever been a member of, I’m really hoping this will spare me on to go regularly! On Saturday me and my roomie went along to our first class which was spinning, it was 45 minutes of pure hell and I felt like I was going to pass out the entire time. A clear sign that I definitely need to get working on my fitness levels!

Lunch time walks

At the moment I’ve been thoroughly enjoying escaping the office and get some much needed fresh air on my lunch break, plus when you there’s scenery like this right on your doorstep it would be silly not to do some exploring!


Cocktails with some lovely bloggers

It’s been really great getting to know some lovely Nottingham based bloggers and last week I met up with a couple of gals that I met at the Rush Hair event recently. We have a good old catch up whilst sipping on some happy hour cocktails, the perfect way to spend a Thursday evening!

Quiet Weekends

A quiet weekend was exactly what was needed, the past few weeks have consisted of several parties and numerous house guests so it was really nice to have minimal plans and simply relax. Any chilled weekend of mine usually starts with breakfast in bed and this weekend was no exception!


What are some of your highlights from the week?

Author: Jessica

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