Knowing When to Give Yourself a Break


It’s not very often that I’ll get home from a day in the office, flop on the sofa and do nothing but binge watch the latest Netflix ‘it’ series, usually I have a to-do list as long as my arm weighing on my shoulders. Whether that’s blog posts to write, images to photograph, life admin to sort out or getting out and doing some exercise I normally have all of my week nights planned out to a T. Recently though with the added pressure of job interviews, weekly travel to Nottingham and trying to cram in the usual day to day stuff as well I’ve been left feeling a little run down and a bit stressed out.

Spending my days worrying that I couldn’t possibly tick everything off my daily to-do list meant that I was staying up late and getting up early to keep up with my blog schedule and it really started to catch up with me. This was when I just knew I had to slow down and take a little break.

So last week when Britain was basking in it’s little heatwave I tucked my to-do list firmly out of sight (out of sight, out of mind right?!) and instead decided to enjoy a couple of evenings for myself. Absolutely no productiveness occurred but several ice creams were consumed and sitting in beer gardens with a fruity cider was pure bliss.

Sometimes these little things are all you need to pick yourself back up and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go again! I’m definitely going to be making more of an effort to take at least one evening a week out for myself, I think overall it will make a huge difference!

So I guess this is just a little note really to say be kind to yourself and give yourself a break now and then, you deserve it!

Author: jessicaberry