3 More Creative Podcasts to Inspire You

3 More Creative Podcasts to Inspire You

So I’m back again with another podcast recommendation post because let’s face it, I’m obsessed! At the moment I find myself trying to cram in as many podcasts a day as possible, whether that be to inspire me throughout my working day, entertain me whilst I’m driving or simply to chill out to in the evenings. I just find them a great way to fill any free time and a lot of the time I feel like I’m learning something too which is always a plus! Here are a few that I’ve been particularly loving recently.

ASOS Podcasts: My Big Idea
I only discovered this series last week but I have been seriously rattling through the episodes ever since! Interviewing some ridiculously interesting young women who are forging their own careers in areas such as the fashion, beauty and food industries and discovering what their big idea is. Some of my favourite episodes so far have been with the gals behind Career Girl Daily, Rachel and Joss from Wired PR and writer Gemma Styles. It was fascinating to find out how they took their ideas and transformed them into the businesses they have today.

Ctrl Alt Delete
I heard a lot of people talking about this podcast series especially after the Zoella epsiode aired so I tuned in to see what the fuss was about! Featuring some really inspiring chats all generally based around the idea of how the internet and social media has changed our lives some of the conversations can be really thought provoking. One of my favourite episodes has to be the one featuring Dawn O’Porter and not just because of the sneaky appearance from Chris O’Dowd!

The Lively Show
I’ve only listened to a couple of the episodes from The Lively Show but so far I am really loving them. Touching on subjects such as relationships, careers and simple daily life worries each episode puts a real positive spin on any issues and leaves you feeling seriously inspired and like you can take on the world! The stand out episodes I’ve listened to so far are Living Beyond the Social Media Expectations of the Modern Woman with Mica May and Curiosity, Epic Self Compassion & Creativity with Elizabeth Gilbert.

I just love these types of podcasts as I just find them SO inspiring and I always come away thinking that I want to do something exciting ASAP like set up my own business, go freelance or basically just become a massive #Girlboss! For now I’ll have to keep on dreaming…but maybe one day!

Do you have any podcast recommendations? I’d love to hear them!

  • These podcasts sound so interesting. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Allegra xx


  • I absolutely love your suggestions. I have been obsessed with The Lively Show lately, and I have probably tweeted at Jess Lively way to many times haha. Another one of my favorites that you should check out is: Millennial. It’s a great perspective as to what we are currently dealing with as millennials!