What I’ve Loved in February

What I've Loved in February

What I've Loved in February

What I've Loved in February

Barry M Speedy Nail Polish, Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel, Aussie Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, Yankee Candle Soft Blanket, Sainsburys decorative bowl
February’s been and gone within the blink of an eye but I thought that I would talk you through some of the things that I have been enjoying using this month.

As soon as I saw that Barry M had released a new range of nail polishes I sped out (no pun intended) to my nearest Superdrug and picked up a couple to test out. I chose Road Rage and Eat My Dust as I am a sucker for pale blue/green shades! I gave these a try over the past week and I can confirm that they are definitely fast drying compared to the standard Barry M polishes, there were no smudges or scratches so I deem that a huge success! I will 100% be purchasing more / I may need the entire collection…

As you may have seen in one of my previous monthly favourite blog posts I am a massive fan of Lushs’ Snow Fairy shower gel and after my last bottle ran out I was on the hunt for an equally sweet alternative. Prince Charming from Lushs’ Valentines collection is a very similar scent so it is doing a good job at replacing the hole that has been left but now I face a long wait to stock back up on my favourite Lush product!

This month my hair has been feeling pretty dry and damaged, I really need a haircut but until I find some time to fit that in I decided to give Aussie’s Take the Heat 3 Minute Miracle Treatment a go to see if it could help improve its condition. After conditioning with this my hair feels amazingly soft and smells incredible, now I think I just need to invest in a good heat defence spray to team alongside it.

This month my candle of choice has been Yankee’s Soft Blanket which I got for Christmas, I’ve really been enjoying a change from my usual sweet scents so this fresher, more neutral candle has been perfect!

I have got a real obsession with these cute little decorative bowls at the moment and am building up quite the collection of them! I’ve mainly been picking them up from Homesense and TX Maxx but a couple of weeks ago I spotted a range in Sainsburys and just couldn’t stop myself buying a couple of pieces. I got this small bowl which I have been using for jewellery, the best part? It was literally £1! Such a bargain!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up of what I have been loving this month! Let me know what your favourites have been too!

Author: jessicaberry