Graduation: One Year On


So today marks exactly one year since I donned my cap and gown and desperately tried not to trip over whilst trotting across the stage to collect my diploma (read about it here). It feels like time has just sped by in front of me and I can’t quite believe that it has now been well over a year since I was a student. I thought I would share some of the things that I have learnt over the past year from my transition as a university student to full time worker…


Moving home isn’t so bad

After living independently for three years it can take a bit of adjusting moving back home after University but just try to see the positives! It doesn’t have to be permanent – use this time to save some money and clear that overdraft so hopefully you will be able to get out there by yourself once again.


Try not to get disheartened

Right after graduating you will be sending out lotsssss of CV’s and you’re not going to hear back from every job you apply for, also there will inevitably be some rejection emails due to the competitive nature of todays industry but try not to let this dishearten you. It can be difficult when you think you are applying for what could be your dream job but try to learn from any experiences by asking for feedback and improving on these points.


Everything doesn’t happen overnight

If your first, second or third job after graduating isn’t your dream job there’s no need to panic, I think that this will very rarely be the case but if it is I’m very envious of you! Good things take time and it’s important not to loose sight of where you want to be and continue working towards that.


Any time past 8am counts as a lie in

The six am alarms can be quite a shock to the system after living the life of a student and believe me, even after a year you still don’t get used to them!


Work isn’t the be all and end all

If you find yourself counting down the hours until home time whilst at work make sure you have some hobbies and interests to look forward to in your spare time. I don’t get the chance to be particularly creative in my day job so I look forward to getting home and being able to plan and put together content for my blog.


Make the most of the weekends

If you are working a standard 9-5 weekday job you will find yourself looking forward to the weekends more than you ever did as a student, be sure to make the most of the time you have off! These days I very rarely seem to spend a weekend doing nothing, I always like to make sure I have some sort of plans to keep me busy and feeling productive although of course everyone needs to just chill sometimes!


The first year after graduating can be tough but as long as you keep focused on your goals and don’t give up you will get there in the end (I hope so anyway…).

Author: jessicaberry