Current Wishlist


1. Zara   2. Topshop   3. Benefit   4. Zara   5. Urban Outfitters   6. Bumble and Bumble   7. Kringle

 Whenever I need a new bag the first place I look is Zara, they always have amazing and affordable ones on offer. I currently have the Zara City Bag but it is a little on the large side for carrying around on a day to day basis so I am looking for something a little more practical. This electric blue bowling bag is the perfect size and the colour means it is a real statement piece.

I never managed to get my hands on the Zara Pony Skin Slip On’s so when I saw these Topshop versions I knew I had to have them, plus they are a fraction of the price which is always a positive!

In the way of hair/beauty I am desperate to get my hands on the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray due to the rave reviews it has recieved in the blogging world. I think that it may have to be an item that goes on this years Christmas list though as I just can’t can’t seem to justify the expense at the moment! I have used Benefit’s High Beam Highlighter for a couple of years now so I think it’s probably about time that I experiemented with something a little different. Benefit’s Watt’s Up Highlight is a cream to powder finish which I would like to try out. And to store my make up when I’m on the go this cute elephant make-up bag from Urban Outfitters would be ideal!

I am yet to purchase a tartan scarf this year but I think one from Zara is definitely on the cards! I love the colour combination of this one and it is also super thick so pefect for Winter time!

I am totally obssessed with candles, Yankee Candle being my favourite at the moment. I am yet to try out any from the brand Kringle but I have heard only good things so I am excited to give some a go! After browsing the website the scents Pancake Breakfast and Kringle Cookie definitely caught my eye!