15 Festive Things to do This December

December is basically a month made for fun activities, there’s just so much to cram into the 25 days that lead up to the big day so I thought I’d put together a little round-up packed full of christmassy goodness to make sure you’re firmly in the festive spirit by the time the 25th rolls around.

Drink the ultimate hot chocolate


Take a trip to a Christmas market


Build a gingerbread house

Eat as much festive shaped food as possible


Cosy up in front of the fire

Put on your most festive pj’s for cosy nights in


Make some festive cocktails

Watch all of your favourite Christmas films

Dedicate an evening to wrapping Christmas presents

Have a pamper with some Lush Christmas products

Hang your favourite Christmas decorations 

Eat as much cheese as possible

Light your favourite Christmas candles

Eat a whole tub of Quality Street


Get wrapped up and go for a walk


I hope you enjoyed my little round-up and it gives you some inspiration for fun things to do throughout the festive period, let me know what you like to get up to around Christmas!

5 Highlights From the Week

Happy Monday, hope your day is going well so far!

Monday morning starts always feel that tiny bit more bearable throughout December when there’s advent chocolate to be eaten and fairy lights twinkling but I must admit I still did a mini cry when my alarm went off this morning! You may or may not have noticed that I took a little break from my roundup post last week as I was feeling a little off, my blogging/gymming/general motivation was lacking so I decided to take a little break in the hope that my MOJO would return again. I’m feeling a little better and back to my old self this week so here’s what I’ve been getting up to, and be warned things are about to get pretty festive around here!

Christmas inspired breakfasts

Crumpets are pretty great at the best of times but when they’re in the shape of Christmas trees I don’t think things can really get much better. I look forward to these appearing on the shelves at ASDA every single year because they’re just SO cute and they always go down pretty well on Instagram too…

Black Friday treats

I’ve wanted to add a pair of the Vans Old Skool trainers to my shoe collection for the longest time but have never quite been able to commit, until Black Friday that is when I bought two pairs…oops! I got the classic black pair and a blue pair too which would be better suited to summer dressing so I’m torn on whether to send them back. So far I’m loving how comfy and cosy these are, perfect for days when I want something a bit more relaxed!

A cosy Friday night in 

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a quiet Friday night in and after what felt like a very long week it was exactly what I was looking forward to. After getting home from work and putting on my festive pj’s we had an evening of watching TV and making a dent in the box of Quality Street we picked up, perfect!

Making a start on Christmas shopping

I made sure to get started on my Christmas shopping whilst the Black Friday sales were on and I picked up a few lovely gifts that I half wish I could keep myself! I’m hoping to get the rest of the shopping finished off this week so the rest of the lead up to Christmas can be stress-free!

Putting up the Christmas decorations

Yesterday we headed to pick out a Christmas tree which was sooo exciting as I’ve never had a real tree before so this was a real treat! We also needed decorations so we went a little crazy in Homebase and filled our basket full of cute red, white and wooden ornaments. We stuck on some Christmas songs, sipped on prosecco and made our house feel like a little grotto. I’m really chuffed with how it came out, it was such a lovely afternoon and it’s really put me in the festive spirit!

Also, since the start of December I’ve been giving Vlogmas a go, I absolutely love watching everyone else’s videos and always want to give vlogging a try so I’ve finally plucked up the courage and the first part will be going live tonight. I’d love to hear what you think so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel to have a watch, oh and please try to excuse the northern accent…

Hope you’re having a great start to the week!

The Impact of Social Media and FOMO

social media

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Twitter or Instagram and wishing your life was as exciting as those you see played out on social media? Do you ever find yourself falling victim to FOMO (the fear of missing out, for my Mum who will doubt be reading this!) due to the part social media plays in our lives? Yeah, don’t worry, you aren’t alone…

So last weekend was the first one in forever that I didn’t have any plans scribbled into my diary and secretly, I was really looking forward to it. Adam and my other roomies were away for the weekend so I had the whole house to myself and I planned to have some serious ME time. I woke up late, devoured some breakfast in bed whilst catching up on my YouTube subscription box and spent the rest of the day pottering about the house. I planned to have a cosy evening in with films, fairy lights, blankets and snacks (ASDA pizza and McVitie’s caramel nibbles just FYI) and just as I started to settle down on the sofa I pulled out my phone and did my regular (hourly) social media check and found that suddenly I didn’t feel so great about my evening in alone. It seemed that everyone else was out having the time of their lives whilst I sat in my pj’s eagerly awaiting the timer to go off so I could get stuck into my ham and pineapple pizza…

Now I get it, not everything is as it seems on social media. Not everyone will have gone out on that Saturday night and had the best time ever and raved about it until Monday lunch time when their work colleagues begged them to shut up about it but this is the power that social media has over us. We see something online and suddenly we aren’t content with what we have anymore, it’s always as though you could be doing more, doing better and to be honest, it’s a little exhausting. Social media is so curated nowadays that a lot of the things you’re seeing aren’t evening happening in the present time which I’m guilty of doing too, I mean you can’t go wasting that cute cocktail picture from two weeks ago that you forgot about but the point is that these channels aren’t particularly reliable or even relatable anymore.

That evening I tried my best to not let it get me down and enjoy my quiet night in but I found it was constantly at the back on my mind and I questioned why I let something so trivial have such a hold over me. It feels as though social media is all about proving yourself, proving how fun or exciting your life is and that’s what I think got to me most that evening. That I didn’t have anything to show for my weekend, that to the outside world nothing I’d done was worthy of a Instagram photo…

Before social media we were able to simply enjoy being in the moment, not document every single aspect of our days or have to know exactly what all 686 people I follow on Instagram are doing. I think there’s a real balance to be struck between consuming content and actually creating or even living it, and at the moment it feels like the balance has been lost. As we get more and more consumed with the online world and social media I think this issue is only to grow so I’m determined to take a stand now before it gets too late.  Perhaps it’s just me taking the whole thing too seriously but next time I’m looking forward to a weekend in alone I think I’ll be leaving my phone well out of site to avoid the possibility of spending my evening suffering from FOMO.

Has social media ever made you feel like this before? I’d love to hear from you!