5 Things to Read/Watch/Listen to This Weekend

Happy Bank Holiday weekend guys!

I’ve started my Saturday morning in the best way possible, with breakfast in bed and catching up with some YouTube videos from the week, bliss! Bank holidays are just the best aren’t they? They give you a whole extra day to do whatever you so wish whether that’s cram packing it full of activities or having a big old chill out! I thought I’d help you out with the latter option and create a little list of the things you should be watching this weekend.

Stranger Things

You’ve probably heard all about this one by now but if not cancel all weekend plans and prepare to get obsessed with this programme! On the face of it this definitely isn’t my usual type of show, I wouldn’t tend to watch anything with a sci-fi vibe but this is so gripping and intriguing that I was hooked after a couple of episodes! Plus it has the coolest 80’s vibes with amazing music and fashion that gives the programme a really unique edge. I don’t want to say too much about this one as I don’t want to go giving any spoilers away so go give it a watch on Netflix, I’m really hoping for a second season!

The Night Of

Adam suggested giving this a watch this week after seeing it featured in a popular shows list, I’d never heard of it but the description grabbed my attention so we gave it a go. We’ve crammed eight episodes into this week and have been totally hooked. The show is based on Naz, a college student who after meeting a mysterious girl on a night out subsequently ends up being charged for her murder when she’s found dead the next day. The show focuses on the run up to the trial and we find out more about Naz’s background as the story progresses. We’re just waiting to watch the last episode to see how it all ends but I definitely recommend this if your into your crime dramas!

Mission Selfie 

If you’re a photography fan then this is an absolute must see! YouTubers Ben Brown and Steve Booker go on an adventure across the world in an attempt to capture the perfect image to tell a story in each location. So far I’ve watched the first two episodes which focus on  and Berlin but I’m really excited to watch the rest. It’s really interesting to see the process they go through to produce their amazing imagery and It left my feeling pretty inspired to pick up my camera but the end of it!

Ctrl Alt Delete – Live interview with Cherry Healey

I’ve harped on about this podcast series a fair amount over the past couple of months but last weeks new episode focused on the recent live interview Emma Gannon had with Cherry Healey. It was really interesting to see the usual interviewing dynamic turned on its head as this time it was Emma answering the questions instead of asking them. As I’m reading Emma’s book at the moment it was really great to hear her talking in more detail about some of the stories and hear more about the writing process as a whole. Definitely worth a listen if you’ve been enjoying the podcast so far!

I also really enjoyed the recent episode featuring Lucy Lendrem, talent manager at Gleam Futures. It was so interesting to hear about the ins and outs of her job role and how it has progressed and evolved over such a short space of time. It define lay had me wanting to hand over my CV in the hopes of working there too!

Behind Closed Doors

I’m a massive fan of thriller novels and so whenever I spot a new one appear on my Amazon recommended for you list I just have to pick it up! I find thrillers really easy to get through as they’re so gripping and this one definitely had me intrigued from the start! The story centres around Grace and her ‘perfect marriage’ to Jack, we find out more about their relationship as the book progresses and the drama definitely begins to heat up towards the end. It’s an easy read with a fairly predictable ending but I enjoyed it all the same!
Hopefully this might give you a few things to keep you entertained this weekend, let me know if you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear them!

How to Find Time for Blogging

I feel like this post could be a little on the hypocritical side as I for one am really struggling to find the time to fit blogging in to my routine at the moment so don’t feel in any position to be giving out advice. I’m hoping that it’s just a phase though whilst I adjust to all of the changes that have happened recently and get in to a groove with my new schedule. So in a way this post is going to be tips for myself that will hopefully get me back on that blogging bandwagon. Hopefully it might help some of you out too!

Write everything down

I’m someone who loves a list, I enjoy nothing more than the satisfaction of fishing a task and being able to tick it off my to-do list. I find that by writing down all of my scheduled posts for the week in my diary also makes it feel much more official and like something I need to stick to. You could also try creating an editorial calendar for the month ahead, that way you can plan your time effectively and work in advance.

Set yourself achievable daily goals

I try to set myself some achievable goals on a daily basis so I’ll tend to pick up to five things that I really want to get done that day and write a list. This way I don’t get overwhelmed by a big long list and I’m able to see that I’m making some progress so there is some job satisfaction there.

Maximise any free time

Got a long daily commute or an hour lunch break that you don’t usually fill? These are just some examples of the spots you have within your day to get some blogging done, whether that’s writing up posts, scheduling tweets or posting an Instagram story to let your followers know what your up to. These are all great opportunities to maximise your time and seamlessly incorporate blogging in to your daily routine. I find that I’m most productive in the morning so I’ve been getting up a little earlier than normal to try and fit in some blogging, at the moment that means making the most of the summer mornings and taking some photographs.

Get the most out of your content 

If your taking a day trip or maybe even just heading out for lunch try to get the most out of every opportunity to create content that comes your way. For example on my recent trip to London I made sure to take lots of photo’s of the hotel we were staying in as well as every restaurant that we tried. This way I collated enough content for up to four new posts, granted I’ve only managed to get one live up to now but I’m working on it! I’ve also started to take this same approach when it comes to my Instagram content, making sure that I snap as many photos as possible when I’m out somewhere interesting so I can stagger this throughout the week when I might be stuck in the office.

Don’t beat yourself up for not sticking to your schedule

Finally, if life gets in the way and you can’t keep up with your schedule try not to give yourself too much of a hard time. We all need a break sometimes and I for one sometimes wonder how I’m supposed to fit everything into 24 hours!


I hope you’ve found some of these little tips useful, I’ll definitely be trying to stick to some of them to help get back in the swing of regular blogging. Be sure to let me know if you have any hints of your own too!

Highlights From the Week

Good Morning and happy Monday!

So last week was my first full week in Nottingham and I also started my new job! I’m now working as an internet marketing consultant within a digital agency. I think it’s going to be a great ooportunity for me to learn some more in depth SEO skills and provide me with some really valuable experience. First weeks are always a bit wobbly so I’m just trying to ease myself in and get settled. I’m planning on putting up a post on how to get through the first week of a new job so keep your eyes peeled for that!

As my new office is based right in the city centre its been such a novelty to be able to go for a wander around town on my lunch break. It could end up getting pretty dangerous though as every venture out could quickly turn into a potential shopping trip…

To celebrate making it through the first week of my new job we headed to Red’s BBQ for a little Friday night treat. It was also great getting to finish at five o’clock instead of my usual half past, turns out half an hour really can make all the difference!

After being really good all week and heading to the gym every night this was a real blow out meal! I went for the pulled pork sandwich which came with coleslaw and Adam chose the sticky chicken. You also got two sides with your main so I plumped for fries and the house salad. There was so much food I couldn’t possible finish everything but I thought it was all pretty good value for money. The variety of sauces were great too and we tried to test all of them before choosing our favourites!
On a separate note I’ve been contemplating scrapping these weekly highlight posts as I wonder how interesting they actually are…I feel like I’m sometimes scraping the barrel a little for exciting things I’ve done in the week and my efforts could be better spent devoting my time to creating more valuable content. I’d love to hear what you think though so please do let me know!